Monday, 16 April 2012

worlds 10 most richest people

1.Carlos Slim
Net worth(USD): $69.0 billion 
Citizenship: Maxico
Source(s) of wealth : Telmex, América Móvil, Grupo Carso 

2.Bill Gates
Net worth(USD):$61.0 billion
Citizenship:United States
Source(s) of wealth :Microsoft

3.Warren Buffett
Net worth(USD):$44.0 billion
Citizenship:United States
Source(s) of wealth :Berkshire Hathaway

4.Bernard Arnault
Net worth(USD):$41.0 billion
Source(s) of wealth :LVMH Moët Hennessy • Louis Vuitton

5.Amancio Ortega
Net worth(USD):$37.5 billion
Source(s) of wealth :Inditex Group

6.Lawrence Ellison
Net worth(USD):$36.0 billion
Citizenship:United States
Source(s) of wealth :Oracle Corporation

7.Eike Batista
Net worth(USD):$30.0 billion
Source(s) of wealth :EBX Group

8.Stefan Persson
Net worth(USD):$26.0 billion
Source(s) of wealth :H&M

9.Li Ka-Shing
Net worth(USD):$25.5 billion
Citizenship:Hong Kong
Source(s) of wealth :Cheung Kong Holdings

10.Karl Albrecht
Net worth(USD):$25.4 billion
Source(s) of wealth :Aldi

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Unique wrist watches


1. Urwerk 201

The design is very futuristic clock. In fact, it looks like a miniature robot, because a number of distinctive ornaments in it. Direction pointer hour was to be different and seem complicated when installing it. There is no pricing information this series.
Unique Wrist Watch Design
Urwerk 201
The watches are manufactured in extremely limited editions, and the prices reflect this. The 201 series have a special look, related and inspired from race cars. Of course, there are also features usually typical to race cars. Read on for more spicy details, including the pricing details and some high-res pictures.

2. The Quenttin

Jacob & Co has created another masterpiece with the Quenttin clock. This watch features a sleek and sophisticated design with a very complicated mechanism make it a  luxurious watch.

Unique Wrist Watch Design
Unique Wrist Watch
If you’ve ever played ding-dong or a pin ball, this watch can remind us of the object. Interestingly, the appearance of needles and the numbers do not exist at this hour, so it looks good. There is no pricing information this series.

3. Richard Mille RM012 Tourbillon

Unique Wrist Watch Design
Unique Wrist Watch

Design of these watches are actually not very recently, namely the order it looks. But a special of this series is the level of complexity in the installation order. There is no pricing information this series.

4. Gerald Genta Arena Complications Tourbillon QP Moon Phase 306

Unique Wrist Watch Design
Unique Wrist Watch

This type of model is also similar to the Richard Mille RM012 Tourbillon, but it has three wheels mounted timepiece is also so complex. But there’s no pricing information this series.

5. HD3 Hidalgo

Unique Wrist Watch Design
HIdalgo HD3 has a square box shape, with two directions. In addition to the gold-colored material, the main value of this series lies in the complexity of the design is still in it. That are the Unique Wrist Watch versions of All Unique Things.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

10 Largest Waterfalls of the world


10. SUTHERLAND FALLS [Fiordland, New Zealand]

In a country that holds a special place in our hearts, this gorgeous 580m waterfall is easily New Zealand's most spectacular waterfall and makes our list. Given its remote location deep in the wild and beautiful Fiordland National Park (also a World Heritage Area), it's one of many highlights of the Milford Track - said to be one of the finest walks in the world. 

9. DETTIFOSS [Jökulsárgljúfur, Iceland]

It is Europe's most powerfull waterfall sending glacial meltwaters over its 44m precipice unchecked at a flow of around 500 cubic meters per second. It epitomizes the wild and raw Icelandic Nature and is a favorite amongst Icelandic Nature lovers. Its position at the head of the impressive Jökulsárgljúfur (the Icelandic version of the Grand Canyon) surrounded by three other major waterfalls on the same river makes it a no-brainer for this to make our Top 10 Waterfalls List. 
8. GULLFOSS [Haukadalur, Iceland]

One of the more unique waterfalls you'll ever see in the world, this wild and wide waterfall tumbling on the Hvítá River in two tiers at 90 degree angles to each other is one of Iceland's iconic natural attractions. Part of the Golden Circle of Iceland's main attractions in the Southwest, this is a must on anyone's itinerary. In addition to the falls' unique shape, you can see rainbows arcing over the falls when your timing's right and the weather cooperates. 

7. KAIETEUR FALLS [Potaro River, Guyana]

Said to be one of the tallest single-drop waterfalls in the world, this rectangular-shaped monster (said to be 741ft tall 370ft wide) sits atop the ancient Guyana Shield amidst some of the most pristine rainforest left on earth! Indeed a visit to this world wonder can yield rare wildlife settings as well as the reassurance that there are still places on the planet where nature is still allowed to thrive. Thus, Julie and I had to make room for this waterfall on our Top 10 List! 

6. YOSEMITE FALLS [California, USA]

Even though this waterfall doesn't flow year round, it does flow for a good part of the year and it's one of the tallest in the world at 2425ft. It's the crown jewel of attractions in the incomparable Yosemite Valley and it's easily seen from a multitude of viewpoints and trails. So given its ease of access, scenery, and sheer size, this waterfall makes our Top 10 Waterfalls List. 

5. ANGEL FALLS (SALTO ÁNGEL) [Canaima, Venezuela]

Plunging uninterrupted for 807m (with total drop of 979m) from a mystical tabletop mountain (tepuy) deep in a Venezuelan equatorial rainforest, it is widely acknowledged as the tallest permanent waterfall in the world. Its existence defies logic as its source is nothing but the soggy cloud forest on the plateau of the tepuy. No doubt about it, there's nothing like this waterfall and the adventure to even get to this so-called Lost World (Mundo Perdido) for a chance to see this world wonder is sure to leave you with a lasting impression. 

4. PLITVICE WATERFALLS [Northern Dalmatia, Croatia]

When it comes to the overall waterfalling experience, it's hard to beat this world famous attraction. While the rest of the waterfalls on our Top 10 List are primarily singular waterfall attractions, this one is really a network of countless waterfalls (some of which are impressive enough to stand out on their own). The waterfalls themselves segregate the many clear and colorful lakes that bring life to this lush and protected ecosystem. Plus, you have boardwalks that take you under, over, and around almost all of the notable waterfalls for some of the most intimate waterfalling experiences to be had. Add it all up, putting these waterfalls on this list was an absolute no-brainer as far as Julie and I were concerned. 

3. NIAGARA FALLS [Ontario, Canada/New York, USA]

Easily the most famous waterfall in North America, this powerful waterfall also ranks as the biggest one by volume with a whopping average of about 750,000 gallons per second (2.8 million Liters per second)! In addition to its raw power, the falls is easily one of the easiest to access and view from all sorts of angles. While its surroundings are a bit less naturesque for many, it clearly makes the upper tier of our list of Top 10 Waterfalls. 

2. VICTORIA FALLS (MOSI-OA-TUNYA) [Livingstone, Zambia/Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe]

Easily deserving of the top spot on this list (though it finished a very close second), it's the largest singular waterfall in the world spanning a width of 1.7km, a height of 108m, and an average flow of 1 million liters per second! It's no wonder this "smoke that thunders" is considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Indeed, it's got power, beauty, and it will make you humble and awestruck. 

1. IGUAZU FALLS (IGUASSU FALLS) [Puerto Iguazú, Argentina/Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil]

With its brink spanning a distance of an incredible 2km in its average flow of 1.3 million liters per second, this falls tops our list of favorites. The falls actually consists of some 275 individual waterfalls and cascades. Catwalks make it easy to get closeup and intimate views and the rainforest surroundings make the scenery feel right for a natural attraction such as this. Put it all together and Julie and I believe this falls is heads and shoulders above the rest (except Victoria Falls) that we've seen! 

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

most expensive films


RankTitleYearFilm costs in millions (est.)
1Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End2007$300m
3Spider-Man 32007$258m (official)
4John Carter2012$250m (official)
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince2009$250m
6Avatar2009$237m (official)
7The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian2008$225m (official)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest2006$225m
9X-Men: The Last Stand2006$210m
10Superman Returns2006$209m (official)
11King Kong2005$207m
12Titanic1997$200m (official)
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen2009$200m (official)
20122009$200m (official)
Spider-Man 22004$200m
Quantum of Solace2008$200m
Terminator Salvation2009$200m
Toy Story 32010$200m
Green Lantern2011$200m
Cars 22011$200m
21Transformers: Dark of the Moon2011$195m
22Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull2008$185m
The Dark Knight2008$185m
24The Golden Compass2007$180m (official)
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe2005$180m
27Troy2004$175m (official)
Evan Almighty2007$175m
Monsters vs. Aliens2009$175m
A Christmas Carol2009$175m
33Wild Wild West1999$170m
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines2003$170m
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra2009$170m
Iron Man 22010$170m
Tron: Legacy2010$170m
38How to Train Your Dragon2010$165m
39Cowboys and Aliens2011$163m (official)
40Sahara2005$160m (official)
Van Helsing2004$160m
Shrek the Third2007$160m
45Robin Hood2010$155m (official)


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